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TasNetworks Customer Charter

Our Customer Charter explains our relationship and commitments to you (our customers), what you can expect from us, and what we would like from you so that we can meet your needs and expectations. This Charter applies to customers who purchase electricity supplied through the TasNetworks distribution system.

Who we are

TasNetworks is a state-owned corporation who owns, operates and maintains the electricity transmission and distribution network in Tasmania. We move electricity from where it's made, to your home or business. We strive to deliver safe, affordable and reliable electricity to more than 300,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.

We are responsible for:

  • maintaining network infrastructure to ensure a reliable power supply
  • investing in the network to support capacity growth
  • connecting new customers to the network
  • operating and maintaining sections of the public lighting system

Customer experience

We aim to provide great customer experiences every time we interact with you. We want to be trusted by our customers to deliver today and create a better tomorrow. We build trust by caring for our customers, making things easy for them, and ensuring they remain the focus of all business decisions.

Our customer service commitments:

  • We will listen and understand your needs
  • We will keep you informed
  • We will communicate clearly, consistently and simply

Our services

  • Keeping your power on

    We're committed to providing a safe and reliable power supply, and restoring power as quick as possible when the power goes out. We may need to turn your power off occasionally for planned work. In this case we will provide you with written notice of the planned outage at least 4 business days in advance.

  • Arranging new connections

    If you need a new connection, or your current connection requires changes, you’ll need to submit an application to TasNetworks. Before we can complete your connection request, we must make sure that the required electricity infrastructure exists near your property to support your needs. We recommend you get in touch with us during the planning phase of your project to minimise possible delays. Some types of connections can take a long time to complete if new infrastructure needs to be built to support your connection.

Your responsibilities

  • Providing access to your property

    There are times when we will need to access your property. This may be for the purpose of reading your basic meter, to inspect and test equipment, to restore your power, trim vegetation to name a few. You must provide us safe and unhindered access to your premises, including taking appropriate action to restrain any animals. All TasNetworks employees and contractors carry formal ID cards which you can ask to see.

  • Keeping your vegetation away from powerlines

    In most cases vegetation that’s located inside your property boundary is your responsibility to keep a safe distance away from the powerlines. But don’t forget, if you, your tools or tree come in contact with powerlines, there's a high chance of injury, fire or electrocution, as well as the potential to cause a power outage. You can use one of our authorised vegetation contractors (PDF) to maintain trees or shrubs that are within 1 metre of your service line. (Please note, you're responsible for payment of the contractor when they perform work around your service line).

    Should you choose not to engage an authorised contractor, please call us on 1300 137 008 for information about the process to have the service line temporarily disconnected to allow the vegetation to be safely cleared (a fee will apply).

Our service guarantees

Some of our service promises are backed by a guarantee, which means if exceptional circumstances prevent us from meeting our service promise, you'll be eligible for a payment made to you via EFT or cheque.

Our Service Guarantees
  Description Amount
Single outage duration If your property has a continuous power outage greater than 8 or 12 hours. Find out more $80 or $160 depending on your property’s classification and outage duration
Frequency of outages If the number of power outages (longer than 1 minute) to your property reaches the set limit (listed in this table) within a rolling 12 month period. $80
Planned interruptions If we fail to notify you of a planned power outage. $50
Connection of supply If we don’t make the connection to your home or business on the agreed day. $30 every business day we are late (maximum of $150)
Making a claim If we don’t respond to your claim within 10 business days we will pay you $50 in addition to other payments that may be paid if your claim is successful. $50

More information

How to contact us

For general enquiries you can contact us online or call 1300 137 008 Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm. To report an electrical fault or power outage call us on 132 004 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Keeping your contact details up to date

To provide you with the best possible customer service we need to ensure we have up-to-date contact details. Contact your electricity retailer if your details change, including information regarding life support requirements.

Hearing and interpreter services

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, contact us through the National Relay Service. For more information visit relayservice.gov.au or call 1800 555 690. If you require the assistance of an interpreter, please contact TIS National on 13 14 50 and ask to be connected to any TasNetworks contact number.

Making a complaint

We are committed to providing you with the best service we can. If you have a query or complaint we encourage you to contact us so that we can investigate. If we cannot provide you with a response immediately, we will acknowledge your enquiry within 3 business days and either return your call or send a written reply within 10 business days. If the matter is not resolved with us, you have the right to refer any complaint to the Tasmanian Energy Ombudsman via their website, or by calling 1800 001 170. The Ombudsman provides a free, independent complaints resolution service.

TasNetworks Customer Charter (PDF)