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Protecting birdlife

Wedge-tailed eagles, grey goshawks and White-bellied sea eagles can be electrocuted as a result of flying into powerlines or perching on power poles. Bird deaths like these are of concern to electricity networks worldwide.


If you find a dead bird you believe may have collided with our powerlines, report it to us or call us on 132 004. The more we understand about where and how incidents occur, the better equipped we are to make decisions about how we protect birds into the future.

Threatened Birds Strategy 2016-2021

We're taking a proactive and strategic approach to reducing the impact of the electricity network on Tasmania’s threatened birds by operating under a five-year Threatened Birds Strategy. It's based around three core components:

  1. Building knowledge and awareness
  2. Mitigating the risk
  3. Voluntarily offsetting our impact

One of the ways we're working to protect threatened birds from flying into powerlines is by making powerlines more visible. We do this by installing devices called bird flappers. Flappers are plastic discs that attach to powerlines and swivel in the wind. They contain glow-in-the-dark crystals, which absorb and emit purple ultraviolet light and make them visible to birds during both day and night, but appear as white to us.

Due to their huge wing span, large birds like Wedge-tailed eagles can also receive an electric shock while perching on a pole top. To stop this, we install perches that keep birds away from the live parts of the pole top by giving them a higher place to perch.

Since the start of our Threatened Birds Strategy we’ve installed mitigation at more than 20 sites around Tasmania including Ross, Claremont, Newstead, Bracknell, Richmond, Campania, Ouse, York Plains, Lower Marshes, Fingal, Brighton, Lebrina, Woodbury and Campbell Town.