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Our partners

  • Menzies - TasNetworks Mental Health and Wellbeing PhD Scholarship

    University of Tasmania and Menzies LogoWe've partnered with the University of Tasmania’s Menzies Institute for Medical Research to establish the TasNetworks Mental Health and Wellbeing PhD Scholarship.

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    The Scholarship forms part of the Tasmanian mental health and wellbeing research program, which explores:
    • What a mentally healthy workplace looks like for businesses and organisations across Tasmania
    • The feasibility and acceptability of different types of strategies to promote good mental health, including work stress approaches like mindfulness

    The Menzies Institute for Medical Research exists to perform internationally significant medical research leading to healthier, longer and better lives for Tasmanians. Find out more about the Menzies Institute or Medical Research.

  • Greening Australia - Energy Wise Schools Program

    Greening Australia logoWe've embarked on a three and a half year partnership (2016 -19) with Greening Australia that will deliver a meaningful energy literacy education program to inform and equip young Tasmanians meet the emerging challenges in the energy sector.

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    The program, named Energy Wise, will be compliant with the Australian curriculum and aimed at secondary school students statewide. The program is currently in the development stage, with the first lessons to be delivered in Tasmanian schools in the second half of 2017. Find out more about Greening Australia.

  • Frankly Women Leadership Forum

    Franksly Women logoTasNetworks is the Premium Sponsor of the Frankly Women Leadership Forum. In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Frankly Women Leadership Forum will be held at Wrest Point on Tuesday 5 March and welcomes keynote speaker, the Hon Julie Bishop MP who will share her experiences, insights and ideas about women in leadership.

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    The event will conclude with a panel of Tasmanian senior leaders who will discuss how our state is tracking in achieving gender equality. Find out more about Frankly Women.

  • The Mind Games - Race For Research 2019

    The Mind Games logoThe Mind Games is a fun, action-packed corporate event raising money for mental health research. The inaugural event will take place in Hobart on 18 October 2019 during mental health month.

    Fifty businesses and 250 of their employees will be put through their paces in a series of team-building, creativity and general skills challenges stationed on the Hobart waterfront. Teams must solve the challenge or complete the task before they move on to the next. The team that can out-smart and out-race its competitors will win. The Mind Games is not a fitness challenge, but it will exercise minds!

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    Our work environments play an important role in helping people to sustain good mental health and to recover from Tasmania is already the best place to live. We want it to be the best place to work too! Each year, one in five Australians experience mental illness. The Mind Games will build and promote mental health at work while raising money for critical research into the prevention and treatment of mental health problems. All profits raised in 2019 will fund research into workplace mental health at the Tasmanian-based Menzies Institute for Medical Research.

    Find out more about The Mind Games.
  • DairyTas - All About Energy Days

    Dairy Tas logoEnergy is an important topic for Tasmanian dairy farmers, especially as our farms are some of the largest irrigated dairy businesses in Australia. TasNetworks is pleased to support DairyTas to deliver their 'All About Energy Days'.

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    'All About Energy Days' aim to provide farmers with clear and independent information about their energy options to assist them to run energy efficient businesses. More about DairyTas.

  • Community Transport Services Tasmania (CTST) - Electric Vehicle Partnership

    Community Transport Services Tasmania (CTST) - Electric Vehicle PartnershipIn September 2016, we launched a three-year partnership with CTST to add an electric vehicle to its fleet.

    The 100% electric Nissan Leaf is used to transport CTST clients to social and non-emergency medical appointments throughout the greater Hobart area, which will greatly assist in managing the increasing demand for medical-related transport.

    We'll work with CTST to share knowledge and experience on how electric vehicles may be used as part of a fleet, and by the Tasmanian public more generally.

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    The data and user experience captured through this partnership will allow us to gather important information on usage and charging patterns, which will inform future network design and ensure our network is electric vehicle friendly. Find out more about the CTST.

  • University of Tasmania - James Pay Research

    James Pay from the University of TasmaniaWe're pleased to support the research of PhD candidate James Pay, who is looking into the behavioural ecology of the endangered Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle, which will include monitoring eagle movements using GPS transmitters. The Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax fleayi) is listed as endangered at both a state and federal level, with conservation concerns including high incidence of unnatural mortality in sub-adult birds. Despite their endangered status, there is very little known about the behavioural ecology of the species, other than that they are extremely sensitive to disturbance during the breeding season.

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    The aim of the research is to clarify the behavioural ecology of the Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle and use this information to help improve management actions. The outcomes of this partnership also support our Threatened Bird Strategy by contributing to a body of knowledge that will assist us in addressing the following questions:

    • Are there particular landscape traits that increase the exposure of eagles to the hazard of collisions and electrocutions?

    • How do eagles behave around electrical infrastructure that has been mitigated, compared to infrastructure that has not been mitigated?

    • Is the risk equal throughout the seasons and are birds of a particular age/sex at more risk?

    • What is the impact of human activities around occupied eagle nests, such as helicopters and vegetation management around the electrical infrastructure, on breeding eagles?

    • Are the 500m/1km line-of-sight regulations adequate, and is there any capacity to modify or remove actions required for some aspects of the lower risk activities?

    We see this partnership as a way to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing conservation of Tasmania’s precious wildlife. It's also an important part of our strategy to minimise our impact on threatened birds of prey. To learn more about how we’re working to protect threatened birds watch our video.

  • Council of the Ageing (COTA) - Seniors Week 2018

    We COTA foCOTA for older Australiansr older Austalians logosupported Seniors Week 2018 in Tasmania to celebrate the important contribution older people make to our community.

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    Just as the energy we provide powers homes and business, it's essential to recognise the energy of many of our seniors that power a positive and socially cohesive community.