TasNetworks tendering system

TasNetworks' tenders are now being listed and processed via the e-Tendering website Tenderlink (external link). This system has been incorporated to improve the speed and efficiency for both TasNetworks and our suppliers.

Buy local

TasNetworks is committed to the Tasmanian Government’s “Buy Local” policy and ensures all of its procurement policies and procedures adhere to its requirements. In doing so, TasNetworks seeks to maximise the opportunities for Tasmanian businesses to compete for tenders. 

How does it work?

To use this system and to access the tenders being called by TasNetworks you must first be a registered supplier (which comes at no cost). You will then receive access to the latest tenders and all relevant tendering information.

To find out more, register or view TasNetworks' current tenders, visit the Tenderlink website (external link).

Terms and conditions

TasNetworks enters into a range of agreements with its suppliers of good and services. The terms and conditions in these agreements vary, based on the type of work being performed. Whenever TasNetworks enters into a formal contract with a consultant, contractor or supplier for the supply of goods and/or services, the terms and conditions which are included in the contract document will apply.

If TasNetworks procures goods and/or services using a purchase order which does not involve a formal contract, TasNetworks’ standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (PDF 28.4KB) will apply.