New connections and alterations

TasNetworks is currently experiencing very high volumes of applications for negotiated connections and this is impacting on our ability to process the designs for these jobs within our usual six week timeframe.

At this time, based on current and forecast design workload, we would like to advise customers that we are extending the design completion time from six (6) weeks to ten (10) weeks to ensure we are able to provide certainty to customers and developers regarding realistic timeframes for completion of designs at this point in time.

We are currently working on a number of strategies to improve this situation and will continue to provide updates regarding design completion timeframes on our website as the situation changes.

TasNetworks thanks you for your understanding as we work through this issue.

Connections and alteration process explained

Step by step description of the connections and alteration process

Embedded generation and information packs

About embedded generation and information about how to connect embedded generators to the TasNetworks distribution network.

Large subdivisions or developments

How to engage with us about planning a large subdivision or development that requires a non-basic service connection.

Types of new connections

Detail about the different types of new connections, including their prices.

Types of connection alterations and upgrades

Information on the types of alterations you can make to your existing electricity connections and their costs.

How do I apply?

Find out how to apply for a new connection or an alteration or upgrade to an existing connection.

Distribution Connection Pricing Policy

Distribution Connection Pricing Policy

Transmission connections

Please contact TasNetworks if your business would like to connect to the transmission network in Tasmania.

Connecting micro embedded generators information pack

Micro embedded generators (such as solar) are those that are connected to the distribution network and are up to 10KW per phase.

Connecting small embedded generators information pack

Small embedded generators are those that are connected to the distribution network and are either up to 5MW; or over 10KW per phase.

Developer's toolkit

Find out how to arrange the electrical infrastructure of your development and what you're liable to pay for