How do I use a CablePI?

Set up

Once your CablePI has been plugged in to a high-visibility high traffic area all three lights will flash briefly and the device will beep once. This means it is going through a self-test. (This happens once every 24 hours).

A solid green light will then come on and stay on indicating that all is well.

How CablePI works

Green Amber Red Siren Meaning Action
Off Off Off Off Power off or CablePI failed Check power supply is present. If not, call us on 132 004
Single flash Single flash Single flash Single chirp Self test None
Flashing Flashing Flashing Chirping Failed self test Call us on 132 004
On Off Off Off Normal operation None
Off Flashing Off Off Low/high voltage Call us on 132 004
Off Off Flashing Constant Potentially dangerous condition Call us on 132 004

No lights

If there are no lights:

  • The power is off
  • The powerpoint is faulty – try moving it to another powerpoint
  • The device has failed – you can order a new CablePI online

Flashing red light and alarm

Call us immediately on 132 004.

Flashing amber light

This indicates a voltage problem. Call us on 132 004.

All lights flashing

This means the CablePI has failed its daily self test and needs to be replaced. To order a new device call 132 004 or order a new CablePI online.