Living and working with transmission lines

You can do many things within our transmission line easements. You can:

  • conduct normal agricultural activities (subject to restrictions on the height of mobile plant and equipment)
  • undertake most domestic recreational activities (excluding flying kites and model aircraft)
  • plant a garden, provided that trees and shrubs are below three (3) metres when fully grown
  • park vehicles, provided they are no taller than 4.2 metres and you have taken adequate precautions to protect towers from accidental damage
  • erect minor structures provided they are less than two metres tall and that metallic parts are earthed
  • store non-flammable materials, subject to a height limitation of two metres.

Some activities within TasNetworks easements are controlled and require written permission from us before proceeding. For more information see 'Controlled activities'.

There are some restrictions on activities that may be unsafe or that could restrict us from accessing transmission line towers to undertake regular maintenance. You can’t:

  • construct houses, buildings or other substantial structures or parts of structures in line easements
  • install fixed equipment, such as galvanised sheds or swimming pools
  • plant or cultivate trees or shrubs that grow to more than three (3) metres
  • place obstructions of any type within 15 metres of any transmission tower.

For safety reasons, it is important that you don’t load vehicles or secure loads underneath transmission lines. You’ll find more information on our safety information campaign: Look Up, look Out.