Life support customers

We understand a continuous power supply is very important to you as a life support customer; however, please be aware we're unable to guarantee supply of electricity 100% of the time.

If we need to interrupt your power to undertake planned maintenance or construction, we'll give you at least four business days’ written notice so you can make alternative arrangements.

In the event of an outage

Please call our 24-hour faults and emergencies line on 132 004 if you lose power. When you receive the automated voice response menu, please press 2, which is the emergency line and assists us in prioritising life support customers. When your call is answered, please state you are a registered life support customer.

We'll endeavour to have your power restored as soon as we can, but there may be reasons beyond our control (such as vehicle accidents or inclement weather) that may affect the power supply to your area for an extended period of time.

As you may be dependent on a continuous supply of power, we recommend you obtain advice from your electrical contractor regarding the installation of an uninterruptible power supply device to protect you from a life-threatening situation, should power supplies to your area be affected.

You're also encouraged to consult your medical practitioner concerning your medical condition to discuss suitable plans of action in the event of an outage. Depending on your individual circumstances and advice given, you may need to prepare a suitable plan of action should your power supply be interrupted. This action plan may include options to go to an alternative location such as visiting your neighbour, relative or the nearest hospital.

View our life support fact sheet.