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Renewable Hydrogen

As the world looks to decarbonise, renewable hydrogen is emerging as a significant energy source of the future. Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy identifies Tasmania as having very high potential for the production of renewable hydrogen and the Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan sets out the State Government’s vision to capitalise on the State’s many advantages and become a world-leader in large-scale renewable hydrogen production.

Tasmania’s power system is ideally positioned to support renewable hydrogen production. Nearly all of the State’s electricity is generated using a combination of hydro-electric generation and the island’s world-class wind resources – which offer significantly higher capacity factors than wind farms located in other states. While wind farms on mainland Australia typically have average capacity factors of between 30 and 35 per cent, many areas of Tasmania offer average capacity factors of 40 to 45 per cent.

While other parts of Australia are seeing growth in the contribution made by renewable generation – particularly from wind and solar generation – the use of hydro-electric generation in Tasmania, with its ability to be switched on and off in response to variations in the output of variable renewable generation, is a key attribute of the State’s renewable energy mix.

TasNetworks is currently working with potential proponents of renewable hydrogen production to ensure they have access to comprehensive and consistent information about the Tasmanian power system and its ability to supply the loads involved with producing hydrogen. A Renewable Hydrogen Connections (PDF) document has been developed for those seeking more information on opportunities, network pricing guidelines and attributes of the Tasmanian power system. TasNetworks Performance requirements (PDF) provides a summary of technical requirements for loads seeking to connect to George Town.

Regardless of size, location or voltage, as the operator of both the State’s transmission and distribution networks, TasNetworks is ready to connect and deliver power for the production of renewable hydrogen in Tasmania.