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Metering changes

Under a new set of national electricity metering reforms called the Power of Choice, responsibility for new metering requirements has shifted to energy retailers. Retailers are required to install advanced meters whenever a new meter is required.  We're responsible for reading non-advanced meters (basic meters) until they're replaced with an advanced meter.

Up until 1 December 2017, we were responsible for managing the installation, maintenance and reading of meters in Tasmania. The Power of Choice rule changes include the roll out of advanced meters to all residential and small business customers. More information about Power of Choice is available at the Australian Energy Market Commission website.

Frequently asked questions

  • What's a basic meter?

    A basic meter, or accumulation meter, only records total electricity usage. Basic meters have been in use for many decades and can be electronic or mechanical. We'll continue to read basic meters each quarter until they're replaced with an advanced meter.

  • What's an advanced meter?

    Advanced meters are electronic meters capable of two-way communication. They're capable of remote scheduled meter reading and are able to remotely disconnect and reconnect. They record usage data in 5-minute intervals. This information can be leveraged to develop new products providing customers with greater visibility and control over their electricity use. Read more about advanced meters at the Australian Energy Regulator's website.

  • Who's responsible for metering?

    Your energy retailer is responsible for:

    • Installation of advanced metering equipment
    • Meter reading of advanced meters
    • Replacement of non-compliant and faulty meters
    • Notification to customer of power outages associated with meter replacement

    We're responsible for:

    • Meter reading of existing basic meters
    • Meter testing of existing basic meters
    • New connections (from the network to the isolation point at the point of supply)
    • Reconnections and disconnections from our network
    • Alterations to the network
    • The repair and replacement of our faulty equipment (with the exception of meters)
    • Accreditation schemes to work on and/or operate the network
  • What will trigger a new advanced meter installation?

    The advanced meter process will trigger when:

    • Your TasNetworks owned meter requires replacement
    • You make a change to your tariff or tariffs
    • There's a new connection
    • You request one through your energy retailer

    It's expected all existing meters will gradually change to an advanced meter by 2026 in Tasmania.