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Regulated Distribution Pricing

Our distribution network

Tasmania’s homes and businesses are connected to TasNetworks’ distribution electricity network to get their electricity.

As Tasmania’s Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP), we maintain and operate 22,400km of distribution overhead lines and underground cables, 227,000 power poles, 18 large distribution substations and 33,000 small distribution substations. All which helps TasNetworks provide reliable and strong connection to electricity for its 279,000+ customers.

Transmission Towers

As a DNSP, TasNetworks is regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). Every five years, the AER approves the amount of revenue that TasNetworks can recover from its customers. TasNetworks’ latest Revenue Determination was approved by the AER on 30 April 2024 and covers the 2024-2029 regulatory control period.

The AER approves our Tariff Structure Statement (TSS), which outlines our strategy on how we intend to recover our revenue for Standard Control Services (SCS) for the upcoming regulatory control period. This ensures that our prices are fair and comply with the National Electricity Rules (NER). Our Tariff Structure Explanatory Statement (TSES) explains how we determined our network tariff strategy and the associated charges that impact most customers connected to the network.

Additionally, the AER approves the services that can be directly attributable to specific customers, referred to as Alternative Control Services (ACS). These services are price capped, and information for fee-based services, quoted services and public lighting can be found in the AER’s Final Decision for Alternative Control Services.


Our prices that apply to distribution services


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Regulated Transmission Pricing

Our transmission network prices.

Revenue Reset

Regulatory submissions to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).