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Contracts and policies

  • Electricity Connection Contract - Standard Terms & Conditions

    The Electricity Connection Contract - Standard Terms & Conditions (PDF) should be read before applying for a new connection or the alteration of an existing connection.  This document will form part of your connection contract.

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    The Electricity Connection Contract is provided in 2 parts:

    Part 1 – Electricity Connection Contract - Standard Terms and Conditions (this document)
    Part 2 – Schedule to the Electricity Connection Contract – Contract Details which will be:
    •  For basic connection services, a document with a ‘B’ prefix and identified as Part 2 of the Electricity Connection Contract.
    •  For negotiated connection services, a document with an ‘N’ prefix and identified as Part 2 of the Electricity Connection Contract.
  • Electricity Supply Contract (Deemed)

    The Electricity Supply Contract (Deemed) (PDF) details the contractual agreement between us and you in relation to supply arrangements at your installation.

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    This contract doesn't need to be signed by you. This contract applies when you take supply of electricity from our network (unless you already have a negotiated supply contract with us or subsequently negotiate a contract with us).

  • Distribution Connection Pricing Policy

    Our Distribution Connection Pricing Policy (PDF) explains the way we charge for connecting to our distribution network.

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    We'll calculate charges for connecting or modifying a connection to our distribution network in a way that reflects the costs and benefits of that connection, while remaining compliant. Taking into account this range of factors, our policy approach is summarised as:

    • Customers requiring basic and standard customer projects are exempt from any requirement to contribute towards augmentation services
    • We're transitioning to more cost-reflective charging for standard customer projects that require transformers
    • We'll apply standard calculations and fixed rates where possible
    • We'll offer flexible pricing terms and introduce appropriate safeguards to ensure the connection charges are paid
    • Developers are eligible to refunds as part of the Developer Mains Scheme
  • Service and Installation Rules (SIR)
    The SIR V8.1 (effective from 1 July 2022) defines the requirements for connecting to the TasNetworks distribution network. SIR V7 is effective up to 30 June 2022.
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    This guide is for electrical contractors, designers, consultants, switchboard manufacturers and customers to assist them in the process of establishing a connection to the distribution network.

    Since 1 December 2017, metering standards are issued by the Department of Justice and are accessible via the Consumer, Building and Occupational Services website.
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Need help?

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