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Substations for developers

We're changing our substation supplier from Schnieder Electric to Tyree Transformers

Switching to Tyree Transformers will allow TasNetworks and developers quicker and cheaper access – saving us all time and money.

Tyree Transformers is creating a substation prototype that TasNetworks will soon be able to test and approve for use in Tasmania. If the prototype's safety and compliance testing goes well, we expect Tyree Transformers' substations can be used by the end of 2023.

Need a substation now?

We realise some developers need a substation more urgently than Schneider Electric can provide, or want quick access to Tyree Transformers substations. We have two options to help.

Option One

For projects urgently needing a substation, and facing delays without urgent access

TasNetworks has a number of Schneider Electric substations in stock that can be sold to developers. These substations are only available for existing projects that have already placed a substation order with TasNetworks and face delivery delays with Schneider Electric.

Option two

For developers wanting a Tyree Transformers substation, but requiring delivery as soon as possible

From 1 September, developers can pre-order Tyree substations through TasNetworks, giving them delivery months earlier than would’ve been the case. 

Tyree has advised that its first batch order of substations with a capacity up to 1,000kVA will likely be delivered by the end of 2023 (about the same time final certifications are expected). Substations of higher capacity are expected to be delivered early 2024.

Get in touch

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss one of the above options, please contact our Negotiated Connections Team on 1300 137 008 Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm. Alternatively you can email us at Negotiated.Connections@tasnetworks.com.au

Tyree Transformers Kiosk civil drawing package (updated)

General Arrangement

500kVA Kiosk Substations

750kVA-1000kVA Kiosk Substations

1500kVA-2000kVA Kiosk Substations