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Development applications

Are you planning a development which could impact electricity Transmission infrastructure or its easements? You may need our approval as part of your development planning process.

'The Code'

As part of the Tasmanian Planning Reforms, all Tasmanian councils’ need to apply new State Planning Provisions. The State Planning Provisions include the new Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Protection Code (the Code). The purpose of the Code is to ensure:

  • Transmission infrastructure is protected against hazards;

  • Transmission infrastructure isn't adversely affected by future developments; and

  • Future opportunities for transmission infrastructure are maintained.

How will the Code affect my development?

The Code applies to the use or development of land within an existing electricity transmission corridor (overhead or underground), as well as land within 55 metres of a communications station and 65 metres of a substation.

Next steps


Step 1. Check if your development might affect electricity transmission assets or easements:

LISTMap includes two mapping layers that relate to 'the Code'. In the south of the State the Code has been adopted into the Interim Planning Schemes and is visually represented on layer ‘Tasmanian Planning Scheme Overlay – Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Protection’. For the remainder of the State, the ‘Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Protection Code Overlay’ layer on LISTMap identifies the draft visual representation of where the Code will apply when it is adopted as part of the of the new State Planning Provisions. Your planning consultant, architect, or local council may be able to help you identify assets and easement that could affect your development.

Step 2. Seek approval for your development:

If your development may affect one of our assets or easements you will need our approval as part of the planning process. Please complete the Land Use Planning Application Form  (PDF) and email it to landuseplanning@tasnetworks.com.au.


Contact us

Contact us

Find out more about the Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Protection Code and how it relates to your development. Contact us via landuseplanning@tasnetworks.com.au or call our Customer Supply Team on 6324 7583