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Our prices

Power prices are always an important consideration for our customers. That’s why we want to help you understand our electricity network prices as much as possible. In doing so, you’ll be able to make better choices about the electricity you use in your home or business, including decisions about the costs and benefits of investing in technology like solar and batteries.

Find out more about our current prices, 2021-22 Annual Distribution Pricing Proposal (PDF).

Current prices

  • Modified load export charges
    As the sole transmission network service provider in Tasmania we’re responsible for the calculation of modified load export charges (MLEC) for the State.
    • The MLEC payable to us by AEMO for their connection to the network in 2020-21 is $5,226,665.40 (excluding GST)
    • The MLEC payable to us by AEMO for their connection to the network in 2021-22 is $5,539,911.22 (excluding GST)
    Types of transmission services:
    1. Prescribed transmission services: The services provided by us as monopoly services to many customers under the revenue cap and subject to significant regulation. They include shared network services to load customers and connection services.
    2. Negotiated transmission services: Monopoly services provided by us to one or a small number of customers. As such, they are subject to lighter-handed regulation. They include connection services in our substations related to a new wind farm or a new load customer.
    3. Non-regulated transmission services: Provided by us on a contestable basis and aren’t subject to regulation as there’s already effective competition. They include operations and maintenance services provided on privately owned transmission lines, as well as connection services between our substations and our customers’ remote sites.
  • Negotiating framework

    Our negotiating framework sets out the procedures in setting up an agreement with a company or individual wishing to receive a negotiated transmission or distribution service.

    The framework details the terms and conditions to be met in order for a company to access certain transmission and distribution services. In the case of transmission, it usually applies to a new wind farm or a new load customer. For distribution, it would usually apply to public lighting and implementation of new technologies. The provision of negotiated services is subject to lighter regulation than the rules that govern the other regulated services we provide. 

    2019-24 Negotiating Framework (PDF)