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Our partners

We partner with like-minded, community-based organisations to deliver initiatives that make a tangible, long-term difference to the Tasmanian community.
  • Bookend Trust - ‘Where? Where? Wedgie!’

    We've partnered with Bookend Trust to support scientific research on the endangered Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle.

    This partnership provides funding to support the Where? Where? Wedgie! project, a citizen science project monitoring long-term population changes of the Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle and other birds of prey. The partnership also supports Dr James Pay’s research at the University of Tasmania. Dr Pay’s research tracks wedge-tailed eagles using GPS tags, discovering invaluable information about their behaviour.

    Data received from Where? Where? Wedgie! monitoring, along with Dr Pay’s GPS tag research data, will help us direct our threatened bird mitigation efforts in the right direction to reduce injuries to the wedge-tailed eagles and other birds. 

    The Where? Where? Wedgie! surveys run every year in May. If you're in Tasmania at that time, you can take part. Find out more about the Where? Where? Wedgie! project.

  • Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG)

    In 2022 we partnered with TMAG to help protect Tasmanian threatened bird species and support research and conservation efforts.

    Under this partnership, we're funding a part-time technical officer, whose research and technical skills enable TMAG to process, examine and curate specimens of Tasmanian raptors, the wedge-tailed eagle (Aquila audax), whitebellied sea eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) and grey goshawk (Accipiter novaehollandiae), for the Zoology collection. The diagnostic capabilities of this new role provide timely information on where and why birds have died or been injured, enabling us to respond quicker to mitigate hazards in high-risk areas of our network to protect more birds. By adding these data-rich specimens to the TMAG collections, we also contribute to building a long-term dataset that will enable future research on trends within the biology and health of Tasmania’s birds of prey.

    The partnership has also funded an ultra-cold freezer to increase TMAG’s specimen storage and a forensic light source that detects cryptic signs of burns from electrocution.

    In 2020 we sponsored TMAG's ningina tunapri Live Digital Excursion.Primarily designed for schools in rural, regional and remote areas, this program provided Tasmanian school students with a live digital excursion of the ningina tunapri gallery, followed by a unique learning experience with a TMAG Aboriginal Learning Facilitator.
  • The Raptor & Wildlife Refuge of Tasmania Inc.

    We're supporting the Raptor Refuge in a number of ways, including the development of Australia’s largest raptor flight aviary, and a tri-partite funding arrangement with UPC Renewables and Woolnorth Wind Farm Pty Ltd to support a part-time resource at the refuge, dedicated to supporting the rehabilitation of injured threatened birds.

    Our memorandum of understanding with Raptor Refuge means we’re working together to find and care for any threatened birds that are injured by our network, and respond to mitigate the risk, making our network safer for other birds.

    Find out more about The Raptor & Wildlife Refuge of Tasmania Inc.
  • Australian Energy Foundation
    Through our partnership with the Australian Energy Foundation we're helping our customers to understand simple ways they can save power and lower their electricty bills with free over-the-phone, home energy consultations.

    We know that electricity costs are a big part of the household budget and that many of our customers often find it hard to lower their bills without sacrificing convenience or comfort. Through a consultation with one of AEF's energy advisors, you can learn more about understanding your electricity bill and receive advice on actions you can take at home to manage your energy usage.

    Find out more and book a free consultation here.
  • The Mind Games Race For Research

    The Mind Games logoFor the second year, we're the gold sponsor of The Mind Games Race for Research, a fun, action-packed event raising money for mental health research.

    The 2020 event was postponed and will take place in Hobart on 26 February 2021.

    Each year, one in five Australians experience mental illness. The Mind Games will build and promote mental health at work while raising money for critical research into the prevention and treatment of mental health problems. All profits raised will fund research into workplace mental health at the Tasmanian-based Menzies Institute for Medical Research.

    Find out more about The Mind Games.
  • University of Tasmania / Greening Australia
    We’re continuing our efforts to protect Tasmania’s iconic birds of prey by joining forces with the University of Tasmania and Greening Australia in a new partnership to provide safer perching places for large birds of prey in the vicinity of our assets.

    Designed and built by UTAS Architecture and Design Students, the innovative new perches will be installed alongside Greening Australia’s ‘Species Hotels’, and positioned in proximity to our power poles, which are known to be used as perches by large birds of prey, such as Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagles in Northern Midlands area.
  • Sustainable Living Tasmania

    In 2020 we partnered with Sustainable Living Tasmania to provide comprehensive energy audits to 16 Tasmanian Charities, as a way of helping them to identify practical energy saving measures and support them to lower their electricity costs.

    Congratulations to our 2020 recipients.

    • Starting Point Neighbourhood House
    • Dorset Community House
    • Epilepsy Tasmania
    • Live Well Tasmania
    • Colony 47
    • The Wilderness Society Tasmania
    • Scouts Tasmania
    • Railton Neighbourhood Centre
    • Bethlehem House Tasmania
    • ParaQuad Association of Tasmania Inc.
    • Cancer Council Tasmania
    • Mission Australia
    • Richmond Fellowship Tasmania
    • Burnie Community House Inc
    • Aurora Disability Services
    • Christian Youth Centre
  • Menzies Institute for Medical Research

    We’ve partnered with the University of Tasmania’s Menzies Institute for Medical Research to support a study in ‘promoting mental health in high-risk occupations’.

    This study by Dr Fiona Cocker will promote psychological capital in medical students and junior doctors in Hobart.

    TasNetworks is enabling the collection of data to confirm compassion fatigue is a potentially modifiable predictor of psychological distress in this working population; and to our knowledge, a world first. 

    Find out more about the Menzies Institute or Medical Research.

  • Council of the Ageing (COTA)

    COTA for older AustraliansWe're proud to have partnered with COTA Tasmania for Seniors Week 2020.

    Seniors Week is all about celebrating older Tasmanians and their valuable contributions to our community. With over 300 events held across the state, Seniors Week provides great opportunities for older people to engage in local activities and stay connected with their communities, which is more important than ever.

  • Community Transport Services Tasmania (CTST)
    Community Transport Services Tasmania (CTST) - Electric Vehicle PartnershipWe've partnered with CTST to add a 100% electric vehicle to their fleet.

    The Nissan Leaf is used to transport CTST clients to social and non-emergency medical appointments, which greatly assists the team at CTST to manage the increasing demand for medical-related transport across the greater Hobart area.

    Find out more about the CTST.
  • Greening Australia

    Greening Australia logoWe've partnered with Greening Australia to create a meaningful energy literacy education program that will inform and equip young Tasmanians meet the emerging challenges in the energy sector.

    The program, named Energy Wise, is compliant with the Australian curriculum and aimed at secondary school students statewide.

    Download the curriculum resource here.