Our business services

Electricity transmission

Our transmission system consists of a 220kV and a 110kV transmission network that connects generators to the distribution system, major industrial customers and the undersea cable Basslink. It's an intricate system of more than 3500 circuit kilometres of transmission lines, 49 substations and seven switching stations as well as a telecommunications network and control centre.

In many instances, the generation is located at remote sites, which requires extensive transmission infrastructure crossing difficult terrain and environmentally sensitive areas, including those of World Heritage.

Main load centres are connected to the 220kV transmission system at Burnie, Lindisfarne and Chapel Street (Hobart), George Town, Hadspen (Launceston) and Sheffield Substations. Other load centres are connected via the 110kV peripheral transmission system.

Electricity distribution

We manage, develop and operate the Tasmanian electricity distribution system, and have responsibility for asset stewardship and network management.

As part of the management of the electricity network, we oversee the distribution resource and response centres, designing and programming, customer connections, meter reading, transmission capabilities, standards and compliance and the TasNetworks Training Centre.