Community Partnerships Criteria

To be eligible for funding through a partnership with TasNetworks, the organisation seeking funding must demonstrate that the project, activity or event aligns with the below criteria.

Please review the following list carefully, prior to making an application.

TasNetworks will consider proposals that:
  • contribute to the well-being of the Tasmanian community in at least one of the following areas:

Education, Safety, Innovation, Environment and;

  • deliver tangible, long-term benefits for the Tasmanian community  or environment, as a direct result of the partnership;
  • are consistent with our unwavering commitment to safety;
  • are innovative and show thought leadership;
  • directly support an Australian registered charity, or not- for- profit organization; and
  • align with TasNetworks' vision to be ‘trusted to deliver today and create a better tomorrow.’
TasNetworks will not support:
  • any project, activity or event conducted outside of Tasmania, or an organisation proposing activities relating to sponsorship outside of Tasmania;
  • commercial projects, events, enterprises and/or individuals;
  • provision of free or discounted electricity, electrical infrastructure, equipment, resources or any other core product;
  • any project, or activity involving high levels of risk, or with poor safety or environmental performance;
  • any project, event or organisation that could be considered inconsistent with TasNetworks' vision and/or role in the Tasmanian community; or
  • overtly political or religious organisations. 

Along with the above criteria, TasNetworks considers a number of internal factors when reviewing partnership applications, including the resources required to deliver the project, opportunities for community engagement, alignment with business priorities and the compatibility of other funding partners, with TasNetworks' brand and vision.

TasNetworks receives hundreds of requests for support and must make the difficult decision to decline some requests, even if they meet our assessment guidelines.