Customer Charter

Our Customer Charter is our commitment to our customers.

Social media terms of use

An overview on how we use our social media sites and how we will communicate and respond to you on these platforms.

Supply Reliability Guarantee

Our commitment to ensuring the safe supply of electricity to Tasmanian homes and businesses with minimal interruption.

Code of Conduct

Our statement of "how we do things" and is followed by everyone at TasNetworks.


While reasonable care is taken to keep content updated and correct, we make no warranties about the accuracy, currency or suitability of content.

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy.

Diversity Policy

We aim to recruit and retain team members from many parts of our community.

Zero Harm

Zero Harm is our health, safety, environment and quality policy.

Right to Information

You have a right to information that'll help you understand what we do and how we do it.

Public Interest Disclosures Policy

View our Public Interest Disclosures, or "whistleblowers", policy.