Contractor resources and online induction

For more information about our contractor resources, contact your TasNetworks representative.

Safety and environmental management

We have obligations and expectations in safety law, environmental law, Energy Networks Australia standards, industry and Australian Standards to ensure health, safety and environment (HSE) risk is managed between us, our contractors and their contractors.

Effective contract management results in:

  • Tasks being planned better because duties are clear and understood
  • Fewer incidents and delays
  • Better safety performance
  • Better relationships with our contractors and subcontractors
  • Continually improving our reputation

The information on this page is designed to clarify our expectations of contractors and ensure that together, we can work safely, return home to our families at the end of the day and preserve our environment for our future generations.

Contractor and tender management process
Induction and training
  • Contractor learning portal (register and complete online inductions and manage your learning)
    • All contractors who perform work for us or on behalf of us, are required to undertake Code of Conduct and HSE inductions before starting work. Assignment of training is system generated and will take 2 hours to become available. To register, you'll need your employer's registration code and an email address. 
Procedures and standards