Connections pricing

Proposed Distribution Connection Pricing Policy (applying from 1 July 2017)

We're proposing a new Connection Pricing Policy for those requesting new or upgraded connections to our “poles and wires’’ network, currently referred to as a Customer Capital Contributions Policy.

This change in policy has been driven by our business goal to streamline processes and simplify service offerings for our customers. Also, there is an underlying requirement to comply with Chapter 5a of the National Electricity Rules and the AER’s Connection Charge Guideline released in June 2012 (external link).

The new policy will apply from 1 July 2017 following the approval of our Regulatory Submission by the AER.

Under our new policy, connection charges for the majority of customers will generally remain the same or reduce. Larger customers and developers will generally benefit through lower upfront connection charges taking into account a new incremental revenue assessment. Developers are also set to benefit from access to reimbursements under the new developer mains scheme.

We continue to work with the State Government to implement concession arrangements for irrigation connections, to support continued economic development of this sector. In general, there'll be no material change to connection charges for irrigators.

Our consultation

In October 2015, we consulted publically on our new policy, and welcomed feedback to help us finalise the policy before it was submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) in January 2016. To assist providing feedback, we prepared a Customer Consultation Booklet, a Customer Guide which features comparison tables highlighting changes from our current policy and a copy of the proposed policy. We also offered members of the public a personal briefing about the policy. View the sumbitted feedback on our submissions page.

Our principles

We've developed a set of principles to help guide how a new policy will align to the national guideline and best serve the Tasmanian context.

Connections Pricing Framework

The proposed Distribution Connection Pricing Policy in line with the AER’s Connection Charge Guidelines and our principles above.