emPOWERing You Trial

Our trial is helping us gain a better understanding of how and when our customers use electricity and how they'll respond to new ways of pricing use of the electricity network. 

Like other electricity networks across Australia, we're looking to improve the way we charge for the delivery of electricity. Changes in the energy market, like the growing use of solar panels and other new technologies, mean how we currently price our services needs to change to keep up with our customers' needs.

Our pricing changes mean that instead of paying a flat rate for the delivery of electricity all day, every day, we’re introducing new ways of pricing that apply different rates depending on when and how people use electricity.

We want to provide our customers with information about what this change may mean for them so we are conducting this trial to help us understand how we can most effectively support our customers through these pricing changes. 

The trial involves about 600 residential customers from Bridgewater, Brighton and surrounding areas. We've chosen this location as there is a good cross-section of Tasmanian household types and we may be able to defer upgrades to the electricity network over the coming years. What emPOWERing You participants tell us will influence what we do next to introduce and communicate pricing changes that will be available as a choice to all customers through their retailer.

The map to the right provides an overview of the trial area.

What's happening?

We’ve installed advanced meters at participants’ homes. The meters are collecting power use data in 30-minute intervals.

Through our trial app or web portal, participants can “see” how and when they use electricity in their home, enabling them to make informed choices about their usage to suit their lifestyles and needs. We’ll also use this data to inform our pricing strategy and network planning.

Now we've moved into the second phase of the trial, we'll be rewarding emPOWERing You participants for responding to trial network charges. emPOWERing You participants can earn rewards by changing the way they use electricity in their home between 1 February 2018 until 31 January 2019.

How can I find out more?

Our trial presentation and FAQs provide further information. You can also call us on 6274 3031 or email empoweringyou@tasnetworks.com.au.