emPOWERing You Trial

Our network costs make up around half the average Tasmanian power bill. We're conducting the emPOWERing You Trial (formerly Tariff Trial) to better understand how and when you use electricity. 

The Trial involves the collection of real time interval meter data from 601 participants from the Bridgewater, Brighton, Lower Midlands and surrounding areas. The map provides an overview of the Trial area.

We've chosen this area as there's a good cross section of household types and it's where we may be able to reduce costs by delaying some of our forecasted network investment. 

What's happening?

Now we’ve installed all advanced meters in participants’ homes, the meters are collecting power use data (in intervals) every day and sending it to us.

Via our Trial app or web portal, participants can “see” how and when they use electricity in their home, enabling them to make informed choices about their usage to suit their lifestyles and needs. We’ll also use this data to inform our pricing strategy and network planning.

Thanks to surveys and meter data collected, we have some important insights into our participants’ power use. These include: 

  • An average participant places the most demand on our network between 6-6.30pm each day
  • About 68% of electricity usage occurs in off-peak periods
  • 61% of participants use a heat pump as their main form of heating
  • Just over 18% of participant homes have a solar power system installed

How can I find out more?

Our Trial presentation and FAQs provide further information. You can also call us on 6274 3031 or email empoweringyou@tasnetworks.com.au.