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  • Who can use the Connections Portal?

    The Connections Portal can be used by anyone who wishes to submit a new connection application online. Electrical Contractors can use the Connections Portal to submit and track their Electrical Work Requests. Some customers may find it easier for their electrical contractor to submit the application on their behalf.

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  • I’d like to organise a new connection, how do I work out which one I need?

    Basic Connection: single residential premises; small commercial properties.
    Negotiated Connection: where TasNetworks needs to build the distribution system to provide your electricity
    Public Lighting: where public lighting is required
    Embedded generation: includes solar, wind and mini hydro connections.


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  • Where can I find more information about the different types of connection applications and the process that needs to be followed?

    Please select from the following links to find out more information regarding new connections or alterations to existing connections.

    Connections and alteration process explained
    Large subdivisions or development
    Types of new connections
    Types of connection alterations and upgrades

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  • Once I register, will I be able to see connection applications previously submitted?

    No, you will not be able to view connection applications submitted outside of the portal. If you require information about the status of an application which was not submitted using the Connections Portal, please call our Customer Supply Team on 03 6324 7583 or email us at:

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  • I have recently submitted a connection application using the previous online forms, is this still being processed?

    Yes, we are still processing your application. Once a valid completed form is received and assessed you should expect a response from us within 10 business days.

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  • Can I still post, email or fax a connection application?

    Yes, forms can still be downloaded, filled out and submitted by fax, email or post. 

    Forms submitted by fax, email or post will not be available to view within the portal and cannot use the portal online payment option.

    Post: TasNetworks Pty Ltd
    Network Customer Supply
    PO Box 419
    Launceston TAS 7250

    Fax: (03) 6324 7528

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  • Does TasNetworks offer refunds in relation to new connections?

    TasNetworks will provide a refund of application fee, design deposit or capital contribution under the following conditions:

    If you cancel the connection application prior to design work commencing (after paying the design deposit);
    If the capital contribution cost is less than design deposit originally paid; or
    If you have paid the design deposit but your design work is deemed unnecessary.

    Note - All of the above scenarios will trigger a refund process that does not require any action on your part. The process will result in the generation of a refund cheque which will be sent to your postal address as captured in the application (all refunds are paid by cheque regardless of the original payment method used). 

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  • Where do I go if I need assistance?

    You can contact the Customer Connections team via phone or email for assistance with portal specific issues:

    Phone (03) 6324 7583 or 1300 137 008; or


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  • How can I get started with my online application?

    All you need to do is register via the following link:

    Registration to the portal is quick and easy and once registered you will be able to submit and track connection applications using a personalised account and if you choose, pay using the online credit card payment option.

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  • Are payments made via the portal secure?

    Yes, once registered, the portal provides an online payment method utilising the secure NAB banking credit card eGateway.   Payments will be in AUD (Australian Dollars).  Your payment information is handled only by NAB and at no time does TasNetworks handle, retain or see your credit card details.  Customers can pay via other methods too.  View alternative payment options (PDF).


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  • What is the best browser to use when accessing the Connections Portal?

    TasNetworks’ Connections Portal is a modern web application. Different browsers will interpret the application in different ways which could potentially result in unpredicted behaviour – such as data not saving, fields not displaying or behaving correctly.
    To get the best experience with the portal, we recommend using the following browsers:
    · Chrome
    · Safari for Mac
    · Firefox
    · Internet Explorer 10+ for Windows
    The portal will work on most smart mobile devices and tablets.
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