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  • Does TasNetworks have a customer charter?

    TasNetworks’ aim is to ensure you receive the highest level of customer service and a safe and reliable supply of electricity. Our customer service standards, details of our commitment to you and our guarantees and penalties should we fail to deliver, are set out in the TasNetworks Customer Charter

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  • How do I contact TasNetworks?

    You can write to us at Tasmanian Networks Pty Ltd, PO Box 606, Moonah Tasmania 7009

    Alternatively, you can contact us via our general enquiries form.

    You can also contact us on any of the following statewide numbers:

    Emergency and service difficulties: 13 2004
    Switchboard: 1300 12 7777
    All other enquiries: 1300 13 7008

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  • What is the relationship between my retailer, TasNetworks and Hydro Tasmania?

    Your retailer issues electricity accounts and arranges connections and disconnections.

    TasNetworks operates and maintains Tasmania’s transmission and distribution networks, or the poles and wires grid. If you have a power outage, you need to contact TasNetworks.

    Hydro Tasmania is responsible for generating hydro and wind power. It operates and manages a network of hydro storage dams and power stations, and wind farms.

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  • When will I be able to choose my electricity retailer?

    Under the Tasmanian Government’s reform program, small businesses and households will be eligible to choose their own electricity retailer from 1 July 2014.

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  • Am I responsible for private power poles on my property?

    It is your responsibility to organise regular inspections and fix any defects of any power poles or powerlines on your property. This is to ensure a reliable power supply, reduce the risk of electrocution or bushfires and keep your powerlines safe.

    Find out more about vegetation and safe growing near powerlines and private power poles and powerlines.

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  • How do I report a faulty streetlight in my area?

    TasNetworks operates and maintains the streetlighting system throughout Tasmania on behalf of councils and other government road authorities. If you notice a faulty streetlight please report it to us by calling our faults line on 13 2004. If you can, take note of the 6 digit number on the pole to help identify it. Once we have been advised of a defective streetlight in your street, we will aim to repair it within seven business days of notification of the fault.

    Requests for additional lights or other lighting arrangements should be made directly to your local council.

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  • How do I find out more about safety?

    Electricity can be dangerous. Read more information about our current safety campaigns.

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  • What should I do if I need to paint or renovate around the electrical wires that come into my home

    The electrical wires that enter your building are LIVE. Do not touch or attempt to disconnect them.

    Where they connect (usually through the eaves) is called the point of attachment. For any structural or renovation work it is recommended that you contact Aurora (or your alternative retailer) to disconnect the electricity to your building while your work is being done.

    Find out more about safety around your home.

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