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  • Who do I talk to about meter reading?

    TasNetworks read, repair and replace customers’ meters. However, if you think your meter is faulty, or you need to talk to someone about accessing your meter, you need to contact your electricity retailer.

    If you have questions about your power bill, including if your bill has been estimated because TasNetworks’ meter readers have been unable to access your meter, you need to contact your electricity retailer. Your retailer will also be able to tell you how to understand the display you see on your meter.

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  • Can I put a lock on my gate or meter box?

    You can secure your gate or meter box with an approved TasNetworks lock, which ensures that we have safe and unhindered access to your metering equipment. Our meter readers will carry a master key with them and be able to access your property and meter box.

    TasNetworks-approved locks can be purchased from these approved locksmiths.

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  • Can I relocate my meter box?

    Yes, you can relocate your meter box. However, any relocation will be at your cost and you will need to contact a licensed electrical contractor to arrange it. You should seek advice from your electricity retailer before you undertake any relocations as doing this work could impact on your current tariff.

    If you are carrying out any electrical work or building renovations that restrict access to your meter, you will need to relocate it or make alternative arrangements for your meter reading.

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  • How do I know when my next meter reading will be?

    The approximate date of your next meter reading will appear on your previous bill. Your retailer can give you more information.

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  • How do I provide safe access to my meter?

    It is important that our meter readers can safely access your meter during normal business hours. If there is anything that prevents them from doing this, such as locks on gates or doors, building renovations or unrestrained dogs, then you should contact your electricity retailer. If access to your meter is impeded then your retailer will bill you according to an estimate based on previous electricity use.

    Find out more about safe access to your meter.

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