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  • What is the process for installing and connecting a renewable energy system, such as solar?

    The steps below outline the process for getting your renewable energy system up and running.

    1. First you will need to talk to a supplier or installer. You can find accredited installers on the Clean Energy Council website.

    2. The installer will provide you with a system design and written quote. If you wish to proceed, the installer will send your Connection Application to TasNetworks. Once TasNetworks assesses your application and makes sure that it meets the appropriate technical standards and requirements, you will be sent confirmation that your application has been approved.

    3. Your installer will install your system.

    4. Your installer will submit an Electrical Work Request (EWR) to your energy retailer and a Certificate of Compliance to WorkSafe Tasmania.

    5. TasNetworks will match the approved solar application and the EWR and send the request to your energy retailer to arrange for the digital import-export meter to be installed. Please contact your energy retailer for any enquiries you may have regarding the installation of your new meter.

    6. Once this has been done, your installer will activate your system. If this has not been done within the four-week timeframe, you will need to follow up with your installer to ensure they have submitted your paperwork correctly.

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  • What is a feed-in tariff?

    A feed-in tariff (FiT) is a rate of payment made by an electricity retailer to a customer who ‘feeds’ electricity back into the grid. Any enquiries you may have about tariffs need to be directed to your electricity retailer.

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  • What are the costs (e.g. meter, connection etc.) associated with connecting a solar system?

    You are responsible for the installation costs and also the costs involved in meeting technical and safety requirements. You will be charged a renewable energy connection fee for the installation of a digital meter that measures the electricity imports and exports from your house. Please check our website for all current charges.

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  • What if I want to install a system larger than 10kW?

    Customers with installations larger than 10kW will need to negotiate their feed-in tariff or power purchase arrangements directly with their retailer. They will also require approval from TasNetworks to connect to the distribution network.

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  • Who is responsible for switching on my system on after my meter is installed?

    Your accredited installer will activate your system.

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  • What happens during a power outage?

    For your safety, your solar system will automatically cut out during a power outage on the grid your system is connected to.

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  • Why does having solar mean I can't participate in the self read program?

    Unfortunately, customers who have solar panels installed and are exporting back to the grid are currently unable to participate in the self-read program due to commercial and regulatory restrictions.

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  • Can I have a solar energy system with remote-read (ERT) meters?

    No. Solar energy systems will not work with remote-read ERT meters. If you choose solar, you will need to revert back to a normal meter. You will also need to ensure the meter is in an accessible location, which may require extra work from your electrical contractor.

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  • If I have solar panels, what do I need to do after an outage?

    TasNetworks recommends that customers check to ensure that their solar system has been restored after any planned or unplanned power outage. Not all solar inverters will switch back on automatically after an interruption to the power supply.

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