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You can’t see an electrical fault, but you can feel one.

If you receive an electric shock from an appliance or feel a tingling sensation when touching a tap or other metal fixture at home, it could be a sign you have an electrical wiring issue.

We take electric shocks and tingles seriously, because if ignored, they can put your safety at risk.


Steps to stay safe 

  1. Received a shock or tingle? Don't touch anything metallic, the appliance or location of the shock again until we know your property is safe.

  2. Call us immediately on 132 004. We may need to arrange for a member of the team to come to your property to investigate. You should seek medical advice within 48 hours of receiving an electrical shock or tingle, call 000 if it’s an emergency.

  3. We’ll investigate the cause. Depending on the information you’ve provided, we may need to send someone from TasNetworks or TechSafe to investigate if it’s a network or private property issue. For safety reasons, we may temporarily disconnect your power. Depending on the cause, we'll either fix it for you or we'll give you advice on who you should contact.

  4. If it's a network issue. Our team will carry out repairs and reconnect the installation to get your power restored as quickly as possible.

  5.  If it's a private property issueIt's likely that the issue is with the wiring in your property and may need to be inspected and fixed by a licenced electrician. If this is the case, it will be your responsibility to engage a licensed Electrical Contractor. Any fees or charges from your electrician will be the responsibility of the property owner. 

  6. Safe to reconnect.  If your property is disconnected for safety reasons, once the issue has been safely resolved, your electrician will notify us and we'll reconnect you as soon as possible. Times can vary depending on the complexity and volume of faults at the time.


  • How do I get reconnected?

    If it’s not a network issue, once your licensed electrician has fixed the wiring issue, they must submit a Certificate of Electrical Compliance to TasNetworks to request that your property be reconnected to the main electricity network.

  • What’s the difference between an electric shock and a tingling sensation?

    An electric shock is obvious – you’ll feel a zap or possibly painful force run through you. It’s hard to ignore and you generally know when you’ve received an electric shock.

    A tingle can be described as a prickling, burning, or ‘pins and needles’ like sensation. It’s a low-level electric shock – but can be a sign of a much bigger problem and should never be ignored.

    If you receive either of these it’s better to be cautious and report it to us on 132 004.

  • Where do electric shocks commonly occur?

    Electric shocks and tingles come from places in the property or installation that have electrical wiring or metal components.

    If there is faulty wiring present in the property or appliances, this can cause electric shocks and tingles.

    They most commonly occur in electrical appliances, power points and switches, indoor and outdoor taps, sinks and shower heads.