Landowner responsibilities

TasNetworks requires unhindered access to our electrical infrastructure at all times. This includes approved agents and contractors.

As a landowner, you are responsible for ensuring that all structures on your property are built outside easements and clearance zones. The Electricity Supply Industry Act 1995 prohibits any interference with electrical infrastructure or installation unless the proper authority has been obtained.

When planning works or activities on your land, you should ensure that your architects, builders and landscapers are aware of the location of electricity infrastructure on your land and the relevant requirements such as minimum safe clearance distances and accessibility needs.

Our requirements are in addition to any which your local Council may have for the activity or development you propose and it's important to ensure that all requirements have been met. Failure to do so may result in the removal or relocation of your structure, or the relocation of the electricity assets at your expense.

While we can provide some assistance in helping you identify whether your property is affected by an easement and the easement type, it is your responsibility to investigate and establish the extent of restrictions relevant to specific easements (as they can vary even amongst easement types). This may require you to obtain assistance from your building designer or a suitably qualified legal adviser.

Responsibility for vegetation management within easements can vary. Typically, property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure that foliage and vegetation on their land is a safe distance from the powerlines servicing their properties. For further information on landowner responsibilities view Safe growing near powerlines. Landowner responsibilities regarding private overhead lines and poles can be found at Private powerlines and maintenance.

Our responsibilities

TasNetworks is responsible for the safe and reliable supply of electricity. This includes ensuring that minimum safety clearances from our infrastructure are maintained.

As a result, we (or our contractors) may need to access your property when we need to:

  • inspect, maintain, demolish, alter or add to our infrastructure;
  • manage vegetation; or
  • remove structures that could interfere with our lines.

Unless it is an emergency situation, we will attempt to notify you prior to performing any clearing works on your property and after completing those works will leave your property in the condition we found it (excluding any works we are required to carry out to ensure a safe and reliable supply).

We’ll do our best to work with you to determine routes for access to easements and on the timing of any maintenance work. We’ll consult at an early stage and ensure your comments can be considered in the design of a development project, we’ll maintain our fences and gates and when leaving your property, we’ll leave gates as we found them.