Transmission pricing

Current transmission prices

Prices for prescribed transmission services are determined using a methodology approved by the Australian Energy Regulator. For more information please read our pricing methodology below.

Current pricing structure

Modified load export charges

We are the sole transmission network service provider in Tasmania and are responsible for the calculation of modified load export charges (MLEC) for the region.

  • The MLEC payable to TasNetworks by AEMO in 2019-20 is $6,486,871 (excluding GST)
  • The MLEC payable to TasNetworks by AEMO in 2018-19 is $6,593,634 (excluding GST)
  • The MLEC payable to TasNetworks by AEMO in 2017-18 is $4,557,589 (excluding GST)
  • The MLEC payable to TasNetworks by AEMO in 2016-17 is $7,056,107 (excluding GST)

Types of electricity transmission service

There are three categories of electricity transmission services:

  • Prescribed transmission services relate to services provided by us as monopoly services to many customers under the revenue cap. They are subject to significant regulation under the National Electricity Rules. Prescribed transmission services include shared network services to load customers and connection services.
  • Negotiated transmission services are monopoly services provided by us to one or a small number of customers. As such, they are subject to lighter-handed regulation under the Rules. Negotiated transmission services include connection services in our substations related to a new wind farm or a new load customer.
  • Non-regulated transmission services are provided by us on a contestable basis and are not subject to regulation under the Rules as there is already effective competition. Non-regulated transmission services include operations and maintenance services provided on privately-owned transmission lines, as well as connection services between our substations and our customers’ remote sites.

Pricing methodology

Our pricing methodology relates to the prescribed transmission services and outlines the approach that has been taken. The methodology is consistent with the pricing principles for prescribed transmission services and complies with the guidelines set out in the rules. A full copy of the rules are available on Australian Energy Market Commission's website.

The pricing methodology applies for the regulatory control period from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2019.

Pricing Methodology 2015–19

Historic transmission pricing

Following are historical transmission prices.