Distribution Connection Pricing Policy

We are committed to improving outcomes for our customers requesting a new or modified connection to our distribution network.

The costs associated with a new electricity connection can be a significant part of building a new home or establishing a new business. As part of our journey to a better tomorrow, we are changing the way we charge for connecting to our distribution network.

Our Distribution Connection Pricing Policy is designed to comply with a number of regulatory obligations and came into effect on 1 July 2017. It applies for the regulatory period from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2019.

The new policy delivers improvements in connection services including:

  • A framework that allows customer choice regarding the provision of design and construction services for new underground developments
  • Connection pricing that provides cost-reflective signals and greater predictability through the use of fixed rates and upfront estimations of costs

We will calculate charges for connecting or modifying a connection to our distribution network in a way that reflects the costs and benefits of that connection, and that is in line with a range of national regulatory requirements.

Taking into account this range of factors, our policy approach is summarised as:

  1. Basic connection charges remain broadly unchanged
  2. Customers requiring basic and standard customer projects will continue to be exempt from any requirement to contribute towards augmentation services
  3. We will transition to more cost-reflective charging for standard customer projects that require transformers
  4. We will apply standard calculations and fixed rates where possible
  5. We will offer flexible pricing terms and introduce appropriate safeguards to ensure the connection charges are paid
  6. Developers will now be eligible to refunds as part of the developer mains scheme

Under the new policy, distribution connection charges for the majority of customers will generally remain the same or reduce.

Large customers and developers will also benefit through lower upfront connection charges that take into account the future network tariff revenue that connection will provide. Developers are also set to benefit from access to reimbursements when other developers "piggy-back" off their initial development.

A customer seeking a new or modified connection to our network may require one or more of the following connection services to be provided:

  • A basic connection service
  • A major connection service
  • An extension service
  • An augmentation service

We also provide some services that are related to connection services. Larger, more complex connection works may also require:

  • Asset relocation services
  • Asset removal services
  • Streetlighting services

A customer may also be required to contribute to the cost of works funded by an earlier customer. These charges and reimbursements are managed via Developer Mains Scheme.

View our Distribution Connection Pricing Policy.