Transmission connections

An important part of our job is to manage all new electricity connections to the transmission network in Tasmania. As a participant in the National Electricity Market (NEM), we're required to develop, operate and maintain our transmission system in line with National Electricity Rules (the Rules) and meet the requirements of the local jurisdiction. The Rules clearly set out the process to establish or modify a network connection.

The first mandatory step in the connection process is for the applicant to submit a connection enquiry which can be done by using our transmission customer connection enquiry form.

However, potential applicants are encouraged to contact us at before submitting a formal connection enquiry so we can contact you to discuss the process, timeframes and potential connection options. A discussion during the pre-feasibility stage could save you both time and money.

The below documents should assist you in understanding the connection process.

The documents on this page are provided in accordance with our obligations under Chapter 5 of the Rules. We may amend and update these documents at any time. Once printed, these documents will be uncontrolled. It’s your responsibility to ensure you’re using the most up-to-date version. 

All specifications, standards, terms and conditions and information provided in the documents are generic only. You’ll need to make your own enquiry to determine the specific requirements for your project. The documents represent our standard position (which is subject to change) for the purpose of connection applications.  

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Standard connection agreements

Technical specifications and standards