Our current projects

The projects we undertake strengthen our electricity network to ensure we can meet your needs now and into the future. We conduct a strategic review of the network every year to identify constraints and emerging issues in the network. This strategic review is published as our Annual Planning Report (APR).

The APR highlights where development or augmentation of our network may be required to maintain system security, quality and reliability for the businesses and homes in Tasmania.


Regulatory investment test for distribution (RIT-D) projects

Project name Project description Notice on Screening for Non-Network Options Report
Extending distribution network operational capability

To ensure power system security and to continue to meet customer expectations around the quality and reliability of electricity supply, we’ve identified the need to enhance our distribution control system capability. We propose to do so via the implementation of a distribution management system.

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Regulatory investment test for transmission (RIT-T) excluded projects

Project name

Project description

Scheduled completion date

Lindisfarne Substation transformer T2 and T3 replacement

Lindisfarne substation, located on Hobart’s eastern shore, supplies customer loads at Geilston Bay, Cambridge, and Bellerive zone substations via a 33 kV sub-transmission network. Lindisfarne substation transformers T2 and T3 are 110/33 kV 30/45 MVA units that were manufactured in 1964.

The condition of both transformers has been identified as poor with a number of deteriorating electrical and mechanical characteristics requiring that these units be replaced.

June 2019

George Town- Comalco transmission line renewal

The George Town-Comalco 220 kV transmission line was constructed in 1967 to supply an aluminium smelter at Bell Bay near George Town and consists of four galvanised steel lattice support structures strung with aluminium conductor steel-reinforced cable.


Recent inspections have highlighted numerous corrosion issues on the support towers and insulator assemblies, and replacing the transmission line is required to maintain acceptable levels of supply reliability.

June 2019

Substation disconnector and earth switch replacement


Spare parts are no longer available for 33 245 kV disconnector/earth switches at Burnie, Chapel Street, Liapootah, Wayatinah and Palmerston substations and the electrical and mechanical condition of these assets has deteriorated to a point where they require replacement to maintain acceptable levels of supply reliability.

June 2019