Planning our network

Annual Planning Report

Each year, we fulfil our regulatory obligation of conducting a 10-year look ahead of the electricity network in Tasmania and report the findings through the Annual Planning Report (APR).

In particular, we take a close look at:

  • Forecast electricity consumption
  • The performance of the existing network
  • Current and emerging network constraints
  • The future supply-demand outlook of our customers

The resulting Annual Planning Report identifies actions we expect to be required during the next 10 years, to ensure our network will meet customer needs and our required performance obligations.

Annual Planning Report 2018

Annual Planning Report 2018 (PDF)

Supplementary information

Annual Planning Report 2017

We welcome feedback on the Annual Planning Report. We're particularly interested in discussing potential opportunities for interested parties to participate in demand-side management or other innovative solutions to manage network constraints. We also welcome your feedback on the content of this report to assist us to improve our future annual planning reports.

Feedback and expressions of interest can be emailed to

Distribution loss factors

Distribution loss factors (DLFs) refer to the amount of energy lost to the distribution system while meeting our customers’ power needs. The process of calculating DLFs requires an assessment of technical system losses by approved methods. Our methodology for calculating DLFs can be found below.