Streetlight faults

We operate and maintain the streetlighting system throughout Tasmania on behalf of councils and other government road authorities.

A streetlight that remains on during the day indicates the component that controls it to turn on and off according to ambient light conditions has failed. When this happens, the streetlight is designed to fail in an “on” state so it maintains safe lighting levels at night and can be easily identified during the day. When a streetlight is off at night, it means the bulb has blown and needs to be replaced.

If you notice a faulty streetlight please report it to us by calling our faults line on 132 004. If you can, take note of the 6-digit number on the pole to help identify it. Once we have been advised of a defective streetlight, we will aim to repair it within 7 business days of notification.

Requests for additional lights or other lighting arrangements should be made directly to your local council.