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Safe access to meters

We're responsible for reading meters (excluding advanced meters) every 3 months so your energy retailer can bill you for the electricity you’ve used. It’s important our meter readers are safe when they visit your property for a meter reading.

Some reasons why we may not be able to safely access the meter on your property include:

  • Dogs or other animals
  • Debris, vegetation or rubbish around your meter box area
  • Locked gates and meter boxes
  • Meters are located in a flood-prone area
  • The approach road or track is dangerous


Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know when the meter reader is coming?
    Sign up to our SMS subscription portal and we'll send you an SMS notifying you of upcoming meter reads at your property.

    The date of your next meter reading is also shown on your power bill from your energy retailer. Please note this is an approximate date only. Due to scheduling commitments your meter reader may need to attend one business day before or one business day after the indicated date.

  • What can I do to get a successful meter read?
    • Clean up debris, vegetation or rubbish around your meter box area
    • Ensure gates are unlocked and/or animals are contained in an area away from the meter for meter reads. Our meter readers will read your meter on the 'Approximate Next Reading Date' detailed on the back of your energy bill or 1 business day on either side of this date. This is known as the '3 day meter reading period'
    • Talk to your energy retailer about having an advanced meter installed. Advanced meters are electronic meters capable of two-way communication and remote meter reading, which eliminates the need for a person to physically read your meter
  • Why does my dog have to be visibly restrained?

    The safety of our meter readers is important to us. Dogs are often the biggest barrier between the meter reader and your meter. This doesn't mean your dog is dangerous, we simply can’t take the risk when it comes to the safety of our people under any circumstance.

    Your dog needs to be visibly restrained or fenced away from the meter box to ensure the safety of our meter readers. 

  • How do I know when my meter has been read?
    Sign up to our SMS subscription portal and we'll send you an SMS notifying you of hen your meter has been read.

    Alternatively, our meter readers can leave a card stating your meter has been read. Register for this by calling us on 1300 137 008.

Got a few questions?

Got a few questions?

If you'd like to discuss access issues or have special instructions for safe access to your property, you can either contact us or your energy retailer