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Please be aware we’re unable to compensate customers for any loss or damage caused as a result of events outside our control, such as severe weather, accidents, vandalism etc.

If you've experienced an extended power outage you may be entitled to payment through our power supply guarantee scheme.


Please read our frequently asked questions before sending us your claim.

  • What evidence do I need to provide?

    Please include any supporting documents. For example:

    • Information regarding the costs of the damage (like receipts, invoices or quotes)
    • Repair reports from qualified repairers
    • Photographs of the damage
    • Keep damaged items until your claim is finalised

    Without supporting documentation or evidence, we may not be able to investigate your claim.

  • What will and won't you provide compensation for?

    We’re unable to compensate customers for any loss or damage caused by third parties or as a result of events outside our control, such as:

    • Severe weather
    • Accidents
    • Vandalism
    • Interference by animals or vegetation
    • Bushfires
    • Power interruptions for planned work
    • Emergency action by emergency personnel

    Until we’ve carried out an investigation into the incident that may have caused damage to your property we’re not yet prepared to accept liability. If you wish to have any damaged items repaired we suggest that you do so, however this is to be done at your own expense.

  • What if my claim is denied?

    Your options for review are:

    • If you're unhappy with the outcome of your claim, please call us on 1300 137 008, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, to discuss. If you’re able to provide more evidence or information to support your claim, we can re-investigate
    • You can contact the Energy Ombudsman of Tasmania to review your claim

    Insurance letters: If you’re not eligible for compensation through our claims process, you may wish to consider making a claim under your own insurance policy. If we have a record of an incident affecting power supply to your property, we can provide you with a letter that you can give to your insurance company. If you’d like a letter confirming an incident, please complete our insurance letter form.

    Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) Scheme: If your claim is a result of an extended outage, you may be eligible for a GSL payment. This means if a power outage exceeds certain limits, we'll automatically send you a minimum payment of $80. Find out more about GSL payments here.

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