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Powerline inspections

Tasmania has a large network of powerlines and we use helicopters to inspect them. They can be slow and sometimes hover at low levels. It can be noisy, but it's also really important.



Helicopter inspections

Date: Inspection areas:
5 - 11 October 2020                                                                      Blackwood Creek, Liffey, Bracknell, Cluan, Deloraine, Dunorlan, Sheffield , Nook, Dulverton, Holwell, Sidmouth, Deviot, Rosevears, Blackwall, Robigana, Riverside, Travellers Rest, Cressy, Trevallyn, Invermay, Blackstone Heights, East Tamar, Bell Bay, St Leonards, Nunamara, Targa, Scottsdale, Derby, Kamona, Branxholm, Hadspen, Norwood, Youngtown, Palmerston, Shannon, Arthurs Lake, Poatina, Connorville, Conara Junction, Avoca,  Fingal, St Marys. 
12 - 15 October 2020 Nook, Dulverton, Holwell, Sidmouth, Deviot, Rosevears, Blackwall, Robigana, Riverside, Nowhere Else, West Kentish, Promised Land, Cethana, Middlesex.
16 - 19 October 2020 Lindisfarne, Dulcot, Penna, Sorell, Orielton, Buckland, Orford, Triabunna,  Huonville, Electrona, Margate, Risdon Vale, Gagebrook, Bridgewater, Lenah Valley, Cascades, Ridgeway, Leslie Vale, Longley, Grove, Huonville, Huntingfield, Geeveston, Port Huon, Franklin,
Clarendon Vale, Mornington, Flagstaff Gully, Mornington, New Norfolk, Magra, Gretna, Hamilton, Ouse, Tarraleah, Glenorchy, Collinsvale, Lachlan, Glenfern, Maydena, Strathgordon.
2 - 9 November 2020 Lower Barrington, Kindred, Abbotsham , Gawler, Havenview, Brooklyn, Acton, Emu Heights, Gawler, Brooklyn, Downlands, West Pine, Abbotsham, Barrington, Nowhere Else, West Kentish, Promised Land, Cethana, Middlesex, Waratah, Savage River, Guilford, Hampshire, Tewkesbury, West Ridgley, Ridgley Nook, Roland, Gowrie Park, Liena, Acton, East Cam, Mount Hicks, Sisters Creek, Cowrie Point, Forest , Smithton, Port Latta.
8 - 9 November 2020 Queenstown, Rosebery.
11 - 19 November 2020 Glenorchy, Glenlusk, Molesworth, New Norfolk, Ridgeway, Lenah Valley, Glenlusk, Molesworth, Tolosa Park, Derwent Bridge, Waddamana,Tarraleah, Gretna, Hamilton, Ouse, Liapootah, Wayatina, Collinsvale, Lachlan, Glenfern, Maydena, Strathgordon, Bothwell, Broadmarsh, Bridgewater.
* Please note this work is subject to change under certain circumstances such as severe weather conditions.  For more detailed information about the helicopter flight paths, please contact us on 1300 137 008.

By inspecting powerlines we can ensure they’re maintained appropriately; reducing the risk of unplanned power outages and bushfires. We're working to complete the inspections as quickly as possible, to avoid disruption to residential areas and minimise disturbances to livestock. Thanks for your patience while we undertake this important work.