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Working near overhead powerlines

Working near powerlines and underground cables can be very dangerous and it is important that safe distances are maintained. If you are undertaking any work, you need to know the relevant guidelines to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Safe approach distances

Safe approach distances can apply to:

  • Parts of a crane or mobile plant including vehicles
  • Loads being moved including slings, chains and other lifting gear
  • People working at heights e.g. from an elevated work platform, scaffold or other structure, and
  • Hand tools, hand control lines, equipment or other material held by a person

View our Building Near Powerlines brochure for more information.

Overhead power lines exclusion zones

Zone C (No Go Zone): No one may work within; 

  • 8 metres of Transmission or extra high voltages power lines
  • 3 metres of distribution high voltage and low voltage power lines or telecommunications cables

No one shall work in the No Go Zone without written authority from TasNetworks. Written authority may constitute a TasNetworks Permit to work, or other formal documentation such approval of a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) or higher-level methodology.

Figure 1


Zone B: Authorised Persons may work in Zone B. Authorised Persons are defined as:

  • Those who have completed UETDREL005 Working safely near live electrical apparatus or UETDREL006 Work safely in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus as a non-electrical worker within the last 5 years, or
  • Workers who, while working in the vicinity of overhead electric lines, are supervised by a person meeting the above training requirement

It is the responsibility of the employer to determine if a worker has the appropriate workplace competence, experience and qualifications to act as an Authorised Person in any zone. This includes holding  UETDREL006 / UETDREL005 at a minimum.

Figure 2

The clearances in Figure 2 is for Authorised persons only. Authorised persons are allowed to within 1 metre of positively identified low voltage conductors and telecommunications cables. 


To be trained as an Authorised Person, you need to complete either UETDREL005 Working safely near live electrical apparatus or UETDREL006 Work safely in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus as a non-electrical worker (PDF). You can enrol for this course via our online Training Portal.

Need tiger tails?

Tiger tails are yellow and black coloured tubes that are clipped together over power lines. They provide a visual aid of live overhead power lines to help prevent electrical accidents. Only TasNetworks or our Authorised Service Providers can install Tiger Tails to powerlines.

If you need Tiger Tails fitted please contact us or send us an online enquiry. There's a timeframe and cost associated with installing Tiger Tails.

Electrical safety awareness

To find out more about working near powerlines, visit the Safe Work Australia website and watch the below electrical safety awareness videos.

Electrical Hazard Awareness For Urban Workers


Electrical Hazard Awareness For Rural Workers


Electrical Hazard Awareness For Emergency Services Personnel


Electrical Safety: Protecting you and your work mates