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Home safety and CablePI

We offer free CablePI devices to our residential and small business customers, which can protect you and your home by detecting a potentially life-threatening electrical fault called a broken neutral.


Call us on 132 004 if you observe these warning signs: 

  • You get tingles from taps or metal fittings
  • Appliances or power tools give electric shocks
  • Lights vary in brightness
  • If there's excessive noise or sparking from switches or power points
  • If electrical appliances are working slowly
  • If you're concerned about the earth wire of your home, including: if your earth wire is disturbed or you notice a broken or damaged bare copper wire or green insulated wire around your house

When do I call an electrician?

  • If power points or light fittings are damaged
  • If fuses constantly blow or circuit breakers trip

Don't delay - order your free CablePI today

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Frequently asked questions

  • What does a CablePI do?

    CablePI detects changes that indicate the presence of a broken neutral. If a broken neutral is found, it flashes red and alarms to alert you to the possible fault. It doesn't cut off the power. Call us immediately on 132 004 if your CablePI alarms.

  • What's a broken neutral?

    A broken neutral is a relatively common but potentially life-threatening electrical fault.

    Power flows in and out of your premise from our electricity network, entering via the active cable and leaving via the neutral cable. You also have an earth connection. If there's a break in the neutral return path, electricity can still exit the premises via your earth connection.

    If there are problems with the neutral and earth, electricity may then travel by a different path. This may be via water pipes, stoves and metal taps or any other conductor of electricity. This can be very dangerous and you may suffer a serious electric shock if you touch something where electricity is present.

  • What do the lights mean?
    Green Orange Red Alarm Meaning Action
    Off Off Off Off Power off or CablePI failed Check if power supply is present and if the power point's working correctly. If still not working, your CablePI may have failed and you'll need to order a new CablePI
    Single flash Single flash Single flash Single chirp Self-test None
    Flashing Flashing Flashing Chirping Failed self-test CablePI needs to be replaced. You'll need to order a new CablePI
    On Off Off Off Normal operation None
    Off Flashing Off Off Voltage Call us immediately on 132 004
    Off Off Flashing Constant Potentially dangerous condition Call us immediately on 132 004
  • What do I do when I receive my CablePI?

    Plug in your CablePI in a high traffic or noticeable area, such as a hallway or living room. Once plugged in, all three lights will flash briefly and CablePI will beep once. This means it's going through a self-test (this happens once every 24 hours). A solid green light will then come on and stay on indicating that all's well.

  • What do I do if the alarm goes off?

    Don't touch anything metallic and call us immediately on 132 004. Tell the operator you're reporting a CablePI alarm and follow the advice provided.