Home electrical safety

Why does my home need an electrical safety check?

In every home, there are small warning signs of big dangers with your electrical wiring. If you notice any signs of danger call us 24 hours on 132 004 or contact a licensed electrician immediately.

There are some obvious symptoms that appear to warn us of problems in the electrical wiring in our homes. If you observe any of these warning signs in your home, don’t ignore the problem – lives could be at risk.

Electrical fault warning signs

Damaged fittings

Discoloured, melted or cracked power points or light fittings can mean your household wiring is overheating. Don’t take any risks – call your licensed electrician.

Tingling taps

If you get a tingle or shock when you touch a tap or metal fitting in your home, call us immediately.

Flickering lights

If your lights flicker, you need to report it to us immediately on 132 004. This is different to the short "dip" when the motor starts in a fridge or heat pump.

Shocks from appliances

Never ignore a shock or tingle from an appliance or power tool. Turn off the appliance and report it to us immediately on 132 004. Never try to fix an appliance yourself.

Noisy or sparking switches

While it’s normal to see a tiny flash when you turn on switches or power points, keep an eye out for loud noises or excessive sparking and call your licensed electrician to investigate.

Less efficient appliances

If your oven, toaster, kettle or other appliances seem to take longer to work than usual, it could signal a problem. Have it investigated by your licensed electrician.

Blown fuses or circuit breakers

If your fuses or circuit breakers blow constantly there could be a serious problem in your wiring. Have it checked immediately by your licensed electrician.

Earthing wires safety

Earthing wires conduct any stray electrical current safely to the ground. You should have your earth checked by your electrical contractor once a year, or if:

  • You are unsure of the condition of the earth wire; especially in older houses
  • You have had work done that may have disturbed your earth, especially plumbing
  • You notice a broken or damaged bare copper wire or green insulated wire around your house

 When to call us without delay

Call us immediately on 13 2004 if:

  • You get tingles off taps or metal fittings
  • Appliances or power tools give electric shocks
  • Lights vary in brightness

When to call your electrical contractor without delay

  • Power points or light fittings are damaged
  • There is excessive noise or sparking from switches or power points
  • Fuses constantly blow or circuit breakers trip
  • Electrical appliances are working slowly
  • Earth wires are disturbed