Controlled activities near transmission lines

To protect you from danger and to ensure we can operate our transmission system safely and effectively, you will need to contact us on 1300 137 008 before:

  • laying or using irrigation equipment
  • constructing fences, including electric fences
  • constructing utility services such as electricity, telephone and water, whether overhead, buried or on the surface
  • erecting unroofed verandahs and pergolas attached to residences
  • erecting sporting and recreational facilities
  • using machinery and equipment associated with the construction of outbuildings including sheds, stables, roofed and unroofed verandahs and pergolas attached to residences that encroach on the easement area
  • planning subdivisions for residential or industrial purposes
  • excavating close to towers
  • operating a quarry, undertaking earthworks or building dams.

You will need to wait for our written permission before you go ahead with any of these activities.