Safety for kids


Toddlers are naturally curious. Fit protectors over powerpoints to prevent any chance of electrocution. Get down on their level (literally) and see if you have overloaded powerpoints behind your TV and stereo. Clean things up, make it inaccessible, and check and discard any damaged leads or power boards. Teach your children at a young age about the dangers of electricity.

Electrical appliances

Lead by example. If a piece of toast gets stuck in the toaster never attempt to get it out with a metal object - young eyes may be watching. Turn the toaster off, disconnect the lead and get it out properly. Explain this to your children. Don't try and patch-up frayed electrical cords or leads. Throw them out. Don't leave electrical cords hanging over a bench or table. Young hands will pull it - and the appliance it’s attached to - on top of them.

Watch the risk of burns around heaters, electric frying pans, kettles and stovetops.

Don't leave power tools and electrical appliances like hairdryers unattended and switched on.

Outdoor safety

Teach your children about the dangers of climbing power poles and transmission towers. Don't attempt to retrieve balls or toys that may have gone over a substation fence. Don't fly kites near powerlines. Look Up, Look Out.