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Deemed easements

Where we have electricity infrastructure (either overhead or underground) on a property that was established before 6 November 1996 and isn't benefitted by either a registered easement or unregistered easement, we have a deemed easement over that property. A deemed easement (also known as a statutory easement) gives us specific rights over that property generally and over the safety corridor relating to the infrastructure. 

Easement widths depend on the voltage of the powerlines concerned, as below.

Nominal voltage Width of easement clearance area (metres)
220 kV (transmission) 60 (30 metres on either side of the centreline)
110 kV (transmission) 50 (25 metres on either side of the centreline)
Less than 88 kV (distribution) 12 (6 metres on either side of the centreline)
Please note: The above only applies when the easement was established before 1996 and no unregistered or registered easement was in effect. 

Deemed easements also allow for access through neighbouring properties if necessary to complete works.

The authority and applicable rights and restrictions of deemed easements are outlined in sections 3 and 11 of the Electricity Wayleaves and Easements Act 2000.