Survive the silly season

During the Christmas festive season, it is important to be safe around electricity and to take care when erecting Christmas lights in homes and gardens. Christmas decorations can carry a risk of electrical injury if not used carefully.

Stay safe and keep in mind the following:

Keep your Christmas lights well away from water: If you’ve pulled out your old Christmas lights and they’re a bit dusty, make sure you clean them before you plug them in. Remember, don’t touch them if your hands are damp and always keep your lights well away from water – inside and outside.

Check your Christmas lights for damaged cords and cables: Before you set up your Christmas lights, check them carefully for frayed, damaged or worn cords and cables. If they are damaged, you either need to get them fixed by a licensed electrician or throw them away. If everything’s OK, unwind them fully before you plug them in to test them.

Never piggyback adaptors or powerboards: When setting up your Christmas lights, make sure you don’t piggyback double adaptors or powerboards. 

Always unwind your extension cords: When hooking up your Christmas lights, make sure any extension cords are fully unwound. Extension cords that are tied or knotted up can overheat and become a fire threat.

Be careful near powerlines: When carrying or using ladders, or installing Christmas lights near powerlines, make sure you stop, look up and look out. Touching - or even getting too close to power lines - can be fatal.