Power of Choice Metering Reform

The Power of Choice program is a national reform driven by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC). The national Power of Choice rule changes follow recommendations made by the AEMC to give consumers greater choice over their electricity use.

Currently, TasNetworks is responsible for the connection between a customer installation (a house, apartment or business) and the network, as well as installing a meter to monitor energy consumption.

The AEMC’s Power of Choice reforms will change this arrangement and from 1 December 2017 TasNetworks will no longer be responsible for the installation of new meters. From this date, the retailer will become responsible for the installation of advanced meters via a Metering Coordinator and a Metering Provider.

It is important to note that TasNetworks remains responsible for the connection to the network.

The introduction of new meter technology is fundamental to the rule changes, enabling new products and services to be developed.
Tasmania is obligated to participate in these changes that begin on 1 December 2017.

Advanced meters can bring benefits and enhanced features to customers through being read remotely and measuring electricity usage in 30 minute intervals.

What is an advanced meter?

Advanced meters are electronic meters capable of two-way communication. They must be capable of certain minimum specifications, such as remote-scheduled meter reading, and the ability to perform remote disconnects and reconnects. Advanced meters record usage data in 30-minute intervals. This information can be leveraged to develop new products providing customers with greater visibility and control over their electricity usage.

What will trigger a new advanced meter for a customer?

The following will trigger the process for installing an advanced meter for a customer:

  1. Aged meters that require replacement
  2. Tariff changes requests
  3. Meter faults
  4. New connections
  5. Customer requests following discussions with their retailer.

All existing meters will be gradually changed to an advanced meter over the next 15-20 year period in Tasmania.  However,  with the responsibility for this shifting to electricity retailers and their metering coordinators, the timeframe could change depending on their agreed plan to roll-out advanced meters to Tasmanian customers.

What will TasNetworks be responsible for on and after 1 December 2017?

After 1 December 2017 TasNetworks will be responsible for the following:

  • Meter-reading of existing meters
  • Meter-testing of existing meters
  • New connections (from the network to the isolation point on the meter panel)
  • Re-energisations and de-energisations of existing meters
  • Alterations to the network
  • The repair and replacement of faulty equipment owned by TasNetworks (with the exception of meters)
  • Accreditation schemes to work on and/or operate the network.

Feedback and questions:

Please contact the TasNetworks Power of Choice team by calling us on 1300 137008 or emailing: powerofchoiceprogram@tasnetworks.com.au.

Any queries relating to the roll out of advanced meters post 1 December 2017, will need to be directed to your electricity retailer.

More information on The Power of Choice Program is available on the AEMC website.