Safe access to meters

It's important our meter readers can safely access your meter during normal business hours. 

Obstructions and unsafe access examples

  • Meters are blocked by vegetation, equipment or rubbish
  • Meter box doors fall off when opened
  • A new deck has been built over a meter box
  • A new fence has been built making it difficult to get to a meter box
  • Gates — and sometimes meter boxes — are locked
  • Meters are in a flood-prone area
  • The approach road or track is dangerous
  • Meters are in a pumphouse behind a pile of old equipment
  • Meters are behind an operating pump with no covers over the moving parts
  • There is an unrestrained dog near the box


The answers to most meter access problems are very easy and will only cost you either a minimal amount of time or money. Here are a few suggestions:

Debris, vegetation or rubbish

Clean up around your meter box area.

Unrestrained dog or other animal

Contain the dog or other animal in an area away from the meter. Read more about meter readers and dogs.


Construct a simple stile, or even steps, using tree rings, or posts. Alternatively, you could build a small gate.

Locked gates or meter box

Change your lock to suit our master key. Locks can be purchased from any of these approved locksmiths.

Report access issues

If you need help finding a solution to your meter access problem, please call us on 1300 137 008.