How to connect to solar

1. Choose an accredited installer to design a system you're happy with

First you will need to talk to an accredited service provider. You can find accredited installers on the Clean Energy Council website. Your installer will be able to advise on a system that best suits your needs and budget and provide you with a system design and written quote. 

2. Arrange for your installer to send a Connection Application to us

Your installer will complete a Connection Application form, which will have details about your new solar design that we'll need to assess and match it to your installer's electrical work request.

3. We'll assess your application and let you know once it's approved

Once we've received your Connection Application from your installer, a network engineer will assess your requirements to see if there's any additional work that needs to be done on our network to accommodate your solar system, and make sure it meets the appropriate technical standards and requirements. Once the assessment has been done, you'll receive confirmation your application has been approved, or advice of the work to be carried out on our network. 

4. Your accredited installer will install your system and send an EWR to your retailer

The electrical work request (EWR) will be sent by your solar system installer to your retailer (the company that sends your power bill) who will check the request against your details. The retailer will then forward your EWR to us. It's important your inverter remains off until your new meter has been installed.

5. We'll match the Connection Application and EWR and install your new solar meter

Once we have received your EWR from your retailer, we'll match it to your approved connection application. After this has been done we'll install a specific digital import-export meter. This may take up to 10 business days.   

6. Your installer will activate your system to generate electricity, which can be used in your home and/or imported into the electricity grid

Once your new meter has been installed, your solar installer will need to activate your solar system. Once activated, you'll be all set to go.  

For more detailed information on how to connect to solar, download our how to connect to solar energy guide (PDF 673KB).