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Staying a safe distance from powerlines

Stay at least 1 metre away from your home’s power connection point.

The point of attachment is where the electrical wires attach to a home or building.

If you’re carrying out work near the point of attachment, you must avoid contact with these electrical wires including the mounting bracket, and avoid damaging them.

The safe distance from a point of attachment is 1 metre.

Stay safety aware if you are:

  • Cleaning leaves from guttering
  • Painting gutters, facades and eaves
  • Pruning trees and shrubs (particularly around the electrical wires)
  • Attaching aluminium cladding to the facades and the eaves
  • Replacing the guttering 

Keep trees and heavy vehicles at least 3 metres from powerlines

Always maintain a distance of at least metres from overhead lines. Avoid planting large trees near power lines. Small trees and shrubs should only grow to a height that allows 3 metres distance from powerlines and at least 3 metres away from power poles.

Ensure operators of machinery or delivery vehicles are aware of the height of their vehicle or load and they have been advised of powerline locations. The minimum safety distance is 3 metres, in some cases, the distance may increase to ensure public safety. At no stage should you put any part of your body or an object within three metres of the overhead line. 

Stay 10 metres away from fallen or damaged powerlines

It is crucial to maintain a distance of 10 metres from fallen powerlines as they can pose a serious threat to life. These powerlines have the potential to be fatal, making it imperative to stay far away from them. Various factors like fallen trees, lightning strikes, vehicle collisions, acts of vandalism, fires, avian or other wildlife interaction, and airborne debris during periods of strong winds can all contribute to damaging these powerlines.

If you come across a fallen powerline, always assume it’s live. Keep well away and report it to us on 132 004 immediately or dial emergency services on 000.

For more information on electrical safety, visit electricitysafety.com.au