Planned interruptions

Planned interruptions

Planned interruptions occur because TasNetworks continuously works on upgrading the electricity network to improve the supply to customers. The majority of this work is scheduled months in advance to minimise inconvenience. TasNetworks invests heavily in live-wire maintenance procedures to avoid disruptions to your supply.

The details of planned interruptions will be sent to affected customers in advance via letterbox drops, mail fliers, newspaper or radio ads. Whenever planned interruptions are carried out we will aim to give you at least four business days notice. In the event of an emergency situation we may not be able to give you adequate notice.

Information on current outages can also be obtained through our 24-hour emergency service centre on 132 004. The information is regularly updated and will provide details on the cause of an interruption, the location and the expected restoration time.

What to do during a planned interruption

There are things you can do to ensure your safety and minimise the effect an outage could have on your equipment during a planned interruption.

  • Do not carry out electrical work during the interruption
  • Should you be concerned about the safety of your equipment – typically computers, televisions, DVD players etc – then we recommend you turn off your main switch (at your switchboard) before the interruption and turn it back on again after the advertised time
  • To avoid food spoiling keep your fridge/freezer door closed at all times possible during the interruption

Some helpful tips

Residential customers

  • Fill thermoses with hot water for drinks
  • Use portable gas appliances if you have them
  • If you rely on electricity for your home phone, make alternative arrangements such as making sure your mobile phone is fully charged prior to the interruption
  • If you rely on an electric pump, fill buckets with water for toilet flushing
  • If you turned your mains switch off, remember to turn it back on
  • Electrically operated remote-control roller doors will not operate during the outage – some makes have a manual operation


  • If electricity supply is critical, consult with your electrician to hire a generator at your own cost
  • If your phone/fax system relies on electricity, you may need to make alternative arrangements

Solar customers

  • If you have solar panels, TasNetworks recommends customers check to ensure their solar system has been restored after any planned or unplanned power outage. Not all solar inverters will switch back on automatically after an interruption to the power supply.

Uninterruptible power supply

TasNetworks recommends if your home or business is dependant upon a continuous supply of power, then you should consider installing an uninterruptible power supply device. Your electrical contractor should be able to advise on the most suitable option for a continuous supply of electricity during times of planned and unplanned interruptions.