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Relocate a TasNetworks asset

Want to remove or relocate one of our assets?

There are many reasons why our infrastructure may need to be removed or relocated. Perhaps it's for a special event, there may be equipment in the path of a proposed development or you don’t like the location of an asset near or on your property.

Regardless of the reason, ensure you're aware of where the infrastructure is located. If you don’t have detailed electrical asset plans, complete a Dial Before You Dig enquiry. If you have any questions about our assets, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why are there electricity assets on or near my property?

    If there are electricity assets on or near your property, it’s likely they're covered by one of the easement types below. Electricity easements are often in place over land along the route of powerlines and underground cables. 

    • Registered easements 
    • Unregistered easements 
    • Statutory easements  

    An easement essentially secures a corridor of land or a "right of way" for us to access electricity infrastructure to undertake essential works. Typically, easements provide us with rights to access, build, maintain, repair, replace, restrict development and enforce safety controls for both existing and future electricity assets.

    If you have an electricity easement on your property, there may be some restrictions on the activities you can perform or structures you can place within the easements. Find out more information about easements.

  • How do I arrange for an asset to be moved?

    You’ll need to submit a negotiated connection application through our Connections Portal. Or you can complete a hard copy application by downloading our Negotiated Connection Application Form (PDF).

    Some technical information is needed, so you may need the assistance of an electrician to complete the application. Your electrician can also submit an application on your behalf. 

    While we’ll endeavour to accommodate relocation requests, it’s at our discretion whether or not to relocate our assets. 

  • How much does it cost to move an electricity asset?

    After submitting your application, we will require a design deposit of $500 (including GST) before we process your application. For larger projects you may be asked to pay an upfront non-refundable application fee to allow the initial design investigation to determine if the move is possible. 

    Once we’ve completed our initial investigation, you’ll be provided with a quote (called a letter of offer) with a breakdown of the costs involved if you choose to go ahead with the relocation.

    Please note: The design deposit is deducted from your contribution within our letter of offer. If you don’t proceed with the offer to connect, your deposit won’t be refunded and any additional costs incurred by us associated with preparing your negotiated connection offer will be invoiced to you

    All costs associated with performing asset relocation designs, technical assessments, construction, as well as ensuring we retain the value of our existing assets, are to be paid for by the applicant. We’re unable to subsidise or contribute financially to relocation projects where the benefits apply only to the applicant. 


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